Moonshot Goal1 : Realization of a society in which human beings can be free from limitations of body, brain, space, and time by 2050.

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Reliability-ensuring cybernetic avatar
infrastructure allowing interactive


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This project aims to develop a CA infrastructure that ensures the reliability of communications in remote control of various CAs and increases social acceptance.

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Wireless Systems Laboratory, Wireless Networks Research Center, Network Research Institute
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology(NICT)

The goal of Moonshot Goal 1 is to make cybernetic avatars (CA) active everywhere in society and bring about major changes in social life. Anyone can use CA as an alter ego, enabling them to collaborate remotely and accomplish difficult tasks. However, such a CA society is difficult to realize without communication. We aim to realize a communication infrastructure for a CA society that allows a wide variety of CAs to connect even in areas where humans cannot enter, and to sustain interactive remote control.

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